More About Me

Living an Authentic, Heartfelt, and Meaningful Life

I'm a well-rounded, experienced real estate agent and investor, and I think you'll enjoy working with me!

My background and interests include graduate degrees in business, spiritual psychology, and legal studies; training as a community mediator and heart-centered life coach; and, most recently, experience leading an AmeriCorps national service program that supported the home hospice caregivers of veterans and military families.

What's been equally meaningful to me, though, are the adventures I've had outside of school and work. Like traveling to Nepal to complete a group trek in the Himalayan Mountains, unplugging for a month at a Zen temple in rural Japan, and visiting the Galápagos Islands.

Whether you're planning to buy or sell real estate, your experience of working with a real estate agent should be an enjoyable one. If what I've shared about myself resonates with you, I'd welcome the opportunity to have a conversation about possibly working together!